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Hey everybody. This is a 40 minute guide for beginners on Rainbow Six Siege. I wanted to create a one stop video for all beginners to this game. There is timestamps so it will make it easier to skip through the things you already know. Let me know what you think!

Rainbow six siege Tips and tricks. 

Hey Hobos! Mr. Homeless here with another advanced tips & tricks Rainbow Six Siege video. In this video we are going over: How to get more kills in RB6, how to die less, how to improve your stats in Rainbow Six Siege, and over all how to get a better KDR or KD ratio in RB6 or Rainbow Six Siege. The game played here is R6, RB6 or Rainbow Six Siege, and I will be showing you how to get a better KD ratio (kd) and how to improve your stats with these tips and tricks. 

Here are the four reasons you keep dying & how you can die less= 

0:50 tip #1 Don't Slowpeek
1:05 explaining how peeking works in this game
1:35 Prone peeking 
2:25 How peekers advantage works and how to use it to your advantage it
3:31 Making quick plays
4:42 Prefiring 
5:38 ADS Sensitivity

To improve your aim, check out this video:

Check out my R6 channel trailer here:
or this other cinematic I made that I really like


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More Funny Moments from me & my bros:

This video contains: How to improve your stats in Rainbow Six Siege. These tips ad tricks will help you improve your KDR or KD in RB6. R6 has a comprehensive stat tracking system that tracks a lot of things. If you want to improve how these stats look on your account, just follow these Rainbow Six Siege tips and tricks for advanced players. I think you will be able to make your KDR go up and least a few decimal points if you practice these few tips & tricks I have shown here. It will help you get more frags in Rainbow Six Siege. I hope these tips & tricks worked out for you, and I hope you are able to improve your KDR stats from them. This video is also four reasons why you keep dying in Rainbow Six Siege. 

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rainbow six siege random moments

this is an epic mega tribute to Rainbow 

Six Siege: Operation Health

This page is rainbow six siege Operation Blood Orchid videos. Funny moments and highlights as well as tips and tricks videos. 

New strats for theme park where you can rEINFORCE THE HATCH. 

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